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vegetarian eats to the east |

Although our family and personal lives are very much cemented in South Austin and the south of the river ‘tude that prevails there, East Austin has become a nice extension of our home. It’s where we headquarter our work life and so we, naturally, spend quite a bit of time lolligagging about in coffee shops and eating spots.

In current rotation are:

vegetarian eats to the east |

Veracruz All-Natural
1704 E. Cesar Chavez
I finally tried this place out while I was taco-cleansing last fall and was immediately floored by the fresh tortillas. A taco is only as good at the tortilla that holds it and the women at Veracruz do it perfectly. I usually order a beans and avocado on flour taco off the breakfast menu and go at their salsa bar. It is a divine escape on a mild day and one of my favorite times to pop open a Mexican Coca Cola. This is an incredibly popular lunch spot, so I’d suggest calling in your taco order ahead of time if you are hoping to make it in and out in a flash. I’ve also heard fabulous things about their chilaquiles.

vegetarian eats to the east |

2610 Manor Road
Still love this place! It’s been a bit cold the past month, but the 10yo and I are ready to accept in.gredients back into our lives. We love heading over after school for a snack. On cool days, I can grab a warm cup of tea and mmmpanadas. On warm days, an iced drink and/or fresh fruit do us right.  There are plenty of veggie-friendly and vegan snacks in the case and rocking chairs on the porch to help you transition from work-day to play.

Mr. Natural
1901 E. Cesar Chavez
Whether you are looking for a full meal or stopping in for some baked goods or agua fresca, Mr. Natural can help. The Tex-Mex is homestyle. The agua fresca is sweetened with honey. The baked goods are vegan. You can read about my favorites in my write-up.

Mi Madre’s
2201 Manor Road
I’m noticing a pattern here – Tex-Mex and tacos from the Chicana. Mi Madre’s also has great tacos, but we love to head over when we are in the mood for a breakfast that requires silverware. I stand by my declaration that Mi Madre’s Migas are THE BEST migas in town. Hands down. Their vegetarian refried beans can go head-to-head with the best Tex-Mex spots in town (veg or not) and the migas plate portion is large enough to share between two people. Weekends are busy, but not impossible. Weekdays are nice and quiet… if that’s more your style.

Other Vegetarian Eats to the East (from North to South):
Blue Dahlia Bistro
East Side Pies
East Side King (various locations)
Hai Ky (East Oltorf location)

Be sure to check out my downtown edition of vegetarian eats and my mini-reviews on Mr. Natural and Swad.

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