what we pack our lunches in

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We don’t have long supply lists at the beginning of the school year, so lunch boxes and lunch packing paraphernalia is where I get my back-to-school urges satiated these days. I’ll pick up a couple of sauce containers here and there, try a new snack-size container in hopes of finding a leakproof gem, but it is the stuff below that has held strong in our lunch-packing drawer for years now. We’ve had some of these containers since the first grade and they work just as well for adult lunches as kid-sized portions.

To-Go Ware Snack Stack
This will be our second year with the tiffin and it is awesome! It is really easy to clean, doesn’t retain any odors (yay for Indian food lunches!) and is nearly indestructible. Don’t let the “snack” size fool you, either. It holds a full lunch. Her meal and veggies usually go in the top container, fruit and snacks in the bottom. I use them for my own lunches on days I head into the office, too. Give the clips a test run with your littles’ tiny hands to make sure they can snap them open. Oven-safe to 350º and dishwasher safe.


Sistema Lunch Cube
The cubes are great for both kid and adult sandwich lunches. No mushy sandwiches or soggy bread! It is not 100% leakproof so I usually pack a drier lunch with these (i.e. no watermelon). Also, the divided half of the container is great if you have kids that don’t like stuff to touch too much. These don’t get used as heavily (maybe once a week) but they have lasted for years; going on year number five! Dishwasher safe.


Built NY Gourmet Getaway
This is what she carries her lunch in every day. The fact that I can throw it into the washing machine without having to worry about shrinkage is its number one selling point. Sometimes it goes in the washer as often as 3-4 times a week. Super roomy. It fits her tiffin, an insulted thermos, and the occasional juice box.


Insulated Lunch Sack
If I need to keep a lunch really cold, this is my go-to. No other lunch box has managed as well. Great for days that the kids are going on field trips and hot summer days.


The following aren’t in daily rotation but get used at least once a week:

I use these for packing yogurt lunches. Pop it in the freezer the night before to help keep things colder longer. Pre-heat with hot water before adding soup. Leakproof.


To-Go Ware Snack Sidekick
For snacks that I want to keep from touching other stuff. The precious figs, bleeding beets and juicy watermelon will thank you.


Litterless Juice Box
Of course I meant a container to hold homemade juices! These do not leak… at all.


If you are doing some last minute prep, most can be found in local stores around Austin. And… Wheatsville has a Back to School Sale going on right now. :)


NOTE: All of the items noted above were purchased. This post is in no way, shape or form sponsored.

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