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loquat season again

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preserving the seasons

Picked what I hope is my first of many batches today. Neighbor said that in his 40 years in the neighborhood, no one has ever asked about picking. What?!? As far as he knows, the squirrels and birds have been feasting at springtime for years. It is a HUGE tree and I have been granted full access. :) Last year was a total wash for our loquat love (moving, crazy work schedule, drought, etc.), so […]

packing some love

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vegetarian meal plans

Things have been a little quiet on the blog because we have been very busy getting the 11yo ready for her first trip sans parentals. There has been lots of practice and more lists than you could probably imagine, but all that work has paid off. She is stoked! Her adults are at varying levels of nervousness about the entire ordeal, but we are inching along to an okay place about it all. I am, of course, coping […]


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vegetarian meal plans

That is the number of times that we ate out last week. A lot of those were quick solo lunches (a taco, a sandwich) and the one “family” meal that we had out was to mark a special occasion, but still… eight is a whole lot more outside meals than our stomachs are accustomed to. This week HAS to be better. Picking up on whatever went uncooked last week and am going with super-duper simple […]

veggie meal plan – april 6, 2014

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vegetarian meal plans
© Nelly Paulina Ramirez

Keeping things short and sweet today ‘cause we have a busy week ahead with only little bits of downtime in between. Busy for nothing but good reasons so focusing on the gains instead of the tired. Have a great week! Meals Chana Masala | Basmati Rice Veggie Picadillo Tacos | Black Beans Chard, Ricotta, & Saffron Cakes | Roasted Beets | Lentil Soup Leek Risotto | Crispy Romaine Salads Veggie Sandwiches | Roasted Brussel Sprouts […]

countdown to summer is on

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We use fruit as our seasonal markers here. The day the cold went away, the pleas for watermelon began. Adding it to the shopping list (in April!!!) is a bit overzealous, but all this means is that her had has switched to summer mode. Two more months to go until we are on summer break…