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homemade pumpkin puree

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homemade pumpkin puree |

I have a confession: I have never baked with canned pumpkin puree. I didn’t grow up eating pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread or pumpkin anything. Our holiday gatherings tended to have flan or Lulu’s choco-flan or dulce de camote. The closest I came to pumpkin in October were those little pumpkin-shaped candies that my mother would throw out of our Halloween baskets (source: dangerous halloween candy urban legend of the mid-80s). I baked my first […]

veggie meal plan – october 12, 2015

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Hello there and a kazillion apologies to those of you that peek at my meal plans more regularly. The transition from summer to school has taken us longer this year, partly because it was a whole new school and mostly because work schedules kept us from slowing down enough to focus on the transition. It is now mid-October and I think we may finally be getting into a groove. I’ve been cooking plenty the past couple […]

texas pepper sofrito

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comida mexicana / recipes
texas pepper sofrito |

Although most commonly associated with Latin American cuisine, the use of a sofrito is common across cuisines from all over the world. Italian food (and most soups we are familiar with in the US) begin with a base of chopped celery, onion, and carrots, fried in oil or butter. Indian curries most often begin with a fry of onions, ginger and garlic. They’re about establishing a flavor base more than anything. The following sofrito bares […]

CSA stash – 10/10/15

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vegetarian meal plans

   The fall season marks the beginning of an 8-9 month watermelon mourning season. Perhaps more importantly though, it means the start of greens-washing season. Wash, spin, wash again, spin, and then lay out on a rag for its final drying stage before it gets portioned and sent to the fridge.  Today’s CSA stash means my greens-washing skills are being put to the test:  broccoli kale dandelion greens collards  bok choi sweet potatoes beets radishes […]

wednesdays = me days

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I have slowly found my way back to my mid-week “me” days – a day without meetings where I get to focus on my stacks at my own rhythm and pace. When you juggle as many roles as I do in a day, you’d be surprised how little control you have of the when and how. These days help me get stuff done (yes!), but more importantly help clear my mental slate for the rest of […]