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grapefruit paletas

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grapefruit paletas |

I grew up in a neighborhood where the paletero was a normal fixture. Afterschool, on Saturday afternoons, and at every ballgame and picnic ever attended, you’d have your pick of sandia, melon, piña, tamarindo, coco, and my favorite… limon. My latest popsicle is an ode to the sweet and sour of the limon paletas that I would devour in the driveway as a kid. I’d be dripping in sweat after hours of working on my […]

texas pepper sofrito

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texas pepper sofrito |

Although most commonly associated with Latin American cuisine, the use of a sofrito is common across cuisines from all over the world. Italian food (and most soups we are familiar with in the US) begin with a base of chopped celery, onion, and carrots, fried in oil or butter. Indian curries most often begin with a fry of onions, ginger and garlic. They’re about establishing a flavor base more than anything. The following sofrito bares […]

recipe: vegetarian frijoles charros

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recipe: vegetarian frijoles charros ||

I will fess up from the get-go – pinto beans and I have not been friends. I grew up on the black beans that were familiar to my Yucatecan parents and well…. they don’t really eat pinto beans or flour tortillas or enchiladas or that rice with little carrots and peas in it. In my house, we grew up eating black beans, corn tortillas, lots of caldos (hence my love of thin, broth-filled soups) , […]

recipe: cantaloupe agua fresca

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My impatience got the best of me and I sliced into a cantaloupe before it was ready to eat. I knew that it was going to need some rescuing pretty much immediately. Thank goodness for popsicles and aguas frescas! Both are among my favorite summer time treats and come in handy when you have a melon (or any fruit) that isn’t as sweet as you had hoped. Watermelon, honeydew and mango work really well, too. […]