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cooking in season

lunch bowl – mixed green salad with mustard vinaigrette

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cooking in season
lunch bowl |

I could have a bowl of noodles floating in broth pretty much every day of the week at lunch and be super satisfied. Soba in miso. Egg noodles in a faux pho. Fideos in red broth. There are countless options. Decided to make my lunch bowl a little different yesterday… Mixed Green Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette Mixed Greens Quinoa Raw Carrot Olives Watermelon Radish Sunflower Seeds Mustard Vinaigrette with Capers* So much more satisfying and […]

all things fig (a recipe roundup)

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cooking in season

I have been obsessed with the fig tree out back and am dreaming of its potential (in pounds, of course). We are picking a steady ¾ lb to 1 ½ lbs per day, but we may not be able to keep the birds at bay much longer. I have a few recipes at the ready just in case we grow tired of eating them as is: Figs with mustard seeds and curry leaves* Rustic Fig & Goat […]

summer veggie burgers

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summer veggie burger |

I have been on a quest for a homemade veggie patty for… like… ever. I’ve tried a kazillion recipes in the past few years and they are all perfectly yummy but rarely hit highs across the board. Sometimes, they fall apart. Sometimes, they are ingredient heavy. Sometimes the 9yo 10yo won’t come within inches of them. Sometimes they are ONLY yummy if you can serve them with a perfect combination of go-withs. This recipe (originally posted […]

working with beets

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cooking in season
working with beets |

We are hitting that time of year where the beets keep rolling in and our cravings are edging towards cucumbers and tomatoes and peppers. Trying new (for me) things in an effort to keep the beet magic alive for a bit longer. Discovered a new favorite application in the process – pasta!  Pasta with Beets and Ricotta* has been officially added to our list of tricks for beet season. We keep roasted beets around during beet season for quick […]

we have vegetables!

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cooking in season
we have vegetables |

After a week of stretching pantry contents into belly-filling meals, I am happy, happy, happy to have all of this to work with: I’m scouring my cookbook stash for the rest of the weekend to see if there is anything fun and different that I can do with my daikon. What are you cooking this weekend?

fall on the counter

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cooking in season
glorious greens |

Could care less if the temperatures are still hitting 90. My CSA pickup looked like this today: There were still peppers and eggplant… and okra (it is still Texas in October), but I got beets and salad greens and sweet potatoes and collard greens and onions and parsley and radishes in there, too! Fall is spilling all over my counter and I am doing everything in my power to keep myself from cranking the oven […]