csa stash – 8/1/15

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I went back down to a medium size box from the large to cut back on my preserving duty week to week. Happy with the size of today’s stash – eggplant, pickling cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, tomatoes, basil, arugula, cantaloupe, okra, poblanos.

all the peppers

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jalapeño ferment start | aneelee.com

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I got hit with large amounts of peppers (hot ones) over the weekend. Serranos, jalapeños, poblanos, and habaneros all had to be dealt with immediately. Quick breakdown of what I put up below:

  • Fermented Jalapeños – Ya’ll… I am fermenting everything thanks to The Hip Girl’s Guide to the Kitchen. Picture above is what I started with.
  • Charred Habanero Sauce – Used this recipe as a base with a little bit less carrot to compensate for the slight sweet that the charring brought out in the chiles.
  • Roasted Serranos for freezer – For my year-round salsa needs.
  • Roasted Poblanos for freezer – These may be the season’s darling. I love whirling them into a salad dressing and may puree a batch to freeze into ice cube size portions for adding to soups and stews throughout the year.
  • Mixed Pickled Peppers – I am running out of fridge space, so I had to put up some shelf-stable peppers. I put them away in half-pint containers ’cause they make great gifts. I used the recipe from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving for my base. Added cumin seeds, coriander seeds, black peppercorns, and a bay leaf.

Still have a handful of fresh to make it through the week with. :)

veggie meal plan – july 20, 2015

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veggie meal plan - july 20 | aneelee.comSummer’s halfway point is here! I am ignoring all the back to school sales (mostly) and gonna try my best to enjoy these last few weeks of summer with the 11yo. I have lots of canning to take care of this week so meals are easy peasy. Quick breakdown of what I have planned below:

Hummus Wraps
Adobo Eggplant Quesadillas | Potato Salad with Poblano Mayo* | Various Salsas
Summer Minestrone** | Mixed Greens & Veggies in Mustard Vinaigrette
Brown Rice, Baked Tofu & Summer Veggies
Celery Root Risotto*** with Celeriac Pesto
Chickpea Salad Sandwiches
Slaw Dogs (Veggie) | Crispy Okra

Fiesta at Rick’s
** Fields of Greens
** Bon Appetit Fast Easy Fresh

how to make black beans from scratch

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I’ve been making beans since I was a kid. At 12, I would forget to start them and then (30 minutes before my parents were due home) I would throw them on the stove top at the highest possible heat and… burn them. 28 years later, black beans are still a huge part of our diet and I still make them from scratch. I’ve gone from cooking them on the stove top, to the slow cooker, and have now landed on my favorite method – the pressure cooker – which gets me a cooked pots of beans in about 25-30 minutes. I needed this contraption when I was 12!

Their simple preparation makes them versatile and we have jars of both the beans and broth in the fridge at all times. We eat them whole with their yummy broth over a bowl of rice (and a squeeze of lime). They go on nachos. They get refried with a little coriander and oil for a quick taco base. They can do no wrong, these beans!

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veggie meal plan – 7/12/15

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vegetarian meal plans

first fig 2015 | aneelee.comLast week kicked our butts, but we survived and even managed to squeeze in some quality time with my mama. Meal plans help me get my bearings in the kitchen and, in turn, the time in the kitchen helps ground me altogether. Lots of food to put up, a recipe coming later this week, and I am about to start a new hashtag to help track the fig explosion that is about to happen – #figlandia.
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