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15 more days (sorta)

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The 9yo starts an outdoor summer camp tomorrow that will be thrusting us all back into morning realities a full two weeks before school starts. Yikes! So… instead of sitting down tonight and thoughtfully planning out my week of meals, I had to make sure that the kitchen was ready for a solid breakfast (at a decent hour) and full lunch with snack. - Containers? Check. – Chilled Thermos? Check. – Insulated water jug? Check. […]

soup for spring break

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soup for spring break |

The day before Spring Break a solid batch of kids were out in her classroom with flu and or flu-like symptoms. I suppose it was only a matter of time before it made its way into our house. There was some midnight waking on Friday with fevers and headaches hitting hard by Saturday. Good news? She’s got an appetite. Grapefruits and oranges are a no-brainer, but meals for a 9yo that can’t taste much is […]

happy halloween!

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Our celebrating kicks off today with Halloween! We’ll cart the 9yo over to our friend’s house for what has become one of our most treasured fall traditions. Their neighborhood is CRAZY into Halloween with haunted houses, spooky decorations (and sound effects), tables of full-size candy bars, and hundreds of children flooding the street in costume. The kids love handing out candy and it’s been fun to see their choices in costumes evolve as they get […]

picking battles

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cooking with kids / familia

The 9yo is a good eater that understands (intellectually at least) that she must eat lots of different veggies in order to be healthy. That said, she’s still nine and getting her to eat those veggies can be infuriating when she’s going through her picky phases. Ours are more taco-n-nacho than pasta-n-cheese, but they are no less frustrating come dinner time. I try to dial it back for lunch duty…

grade school love

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It’s Valentine’s Day and although I am not super into the wining and dining version of the holiday that adults embrace, I am a HUGE fan of the grade-school version that brings together our love of crafts and food. Her classmates got a new variation on last year’s Mad Libs Valentines.  The little rolls from last year were awesome, but required lots of mama assistance in the rolling, holding and securing department. This year’s pencils […]

three more days

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vegetarian meal plans

Packing lunches the past couple of weeks has been really challenging. It’s been the same 4-5 lunches, rotated, with little inspiration and planning as evidenced by my daughter’s reaction to her packed lunch today, “Quesadillas? Again?” I have three lunches to make up for my lackluster performances and shall win her over by packing some of her favorites: Wednesday Yogurt | Homemade Granola | Zucchini Muffin | Peach | Raisin & Almond Mix Thursday Macaroni […]