friday’s food links | austin bakes for japan

I’ll be joining other food bloggers and bakers at the South Austin location of the Austin Bake Sale for Japan tomorrow, April 2. Come on out! My humble (but yummy) mini banana-oat muffins will be nicely packaged into bundles of 6 for you to grab and go in addition to the oodles of other stuff that will be there for the picking.

A few handy-dandy links for you below:

Get a preview of what other folks are bringing to the bake sale and learn more about what we are raising money for at Austin Bakes for Japan.

Food Studies: What You Don’t Know About Iodine, the Element of the Moment

Radioactive Iodine-131 Found in U.S. Milk

Japanese Crane Print made from maps! Proceeds go to Red Cross for Japan.

Nature Matching System (nod to GOOD for the find)

Feeling Lonely? Mac & Cheese Might Be the Cure

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