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getting ahead of your CSA pickup

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

I’ve always been a big advocate of planning from what you have on hand instead of planning and THEN shopping. Admittedly, making this switch is a tough one. You have to build new shopping habits and learn to build a pantry that will support your vegetable stash. Luckily, most of our local CSAs here in Austin do a really good job of letting you know what to expect. It’s not foolproof. You might end up […]

what’s cooking – week 9

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

Not gonna jinx anything by declaring that I am back (at least not with an exclamation mark), but it does feel good to be getting back into a rhythm with the blog. Picked up a few things at the grocery store to get us through our next CSA pickup on Saturday. Breakfast Having our usual, but am experimenting a bit with almond flour and determined to get more non-egg breakfasts into our repertoire. Trying out […]

meal plan – week 8

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

Spring has crept into Austin really early. I’m relieved to have the worst of the cold behind us, but admittedly nervous about what 80º days in February means for July and August. This meal plan may not be in time to plan the bulk of your Week 8, but hoping that you guys can pull some quick ideas for the remainder of your week or get a jump-start on your planning for next. Breakfast We have […]

lunch with the girl: phonatic

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all things food / austin

The following post was made possible by Phonatic.  With the turn of the year always come resets and cleanses and vows to do more of this… less of that. I am not immune to these trends but we are generally in a good place with what we do with our food. Working a bit on cutting down pasta and bread, but this is more of a constant. Nothing new and exciting about it. What does […]

CSA box – december edition

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cooking in season

I don’t ever seem to get around with washing and dealing with my CSA stash during the daytime, but I did start early enough to make sure that today’s spinach and cilantro went into dinner. Other stuff in my box today: beets, turnips, salad turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, fennel, broccoli, mustard greens, red lettuce, romaine lettuce, cabbage, green sweet peppers, and poblanos.

almost thanksgiving

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celebrating / cooking in season

For the first time in a really, really, really long time… my CSA pickup will not be immediately before our Thanksgiving meal and I am going to have to plan a meal before shopping instead of planning a meal around my box. All the carbs are accounted for – cinnamon rolls, honey sweet potato rolls, and mashed potatoes – but all the actual food is still a big old question mark. I guess I’m hitting the cookbook […]

last of summer and a recipe

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cooking in season / recipes

Temperatures make it a little hard to tell, but summer is wrapping up in Austin. We picked up what I am sure is going to be our last watermelon of the year with our tuber-heavy CSA stash. In the kitchen, I am closing out the summer with one last batch of my summer squash risotto. I originally came across this risotto cooking method in The Bon Apetit Fast Easy Fresh cookbook. I’ve been making risotto this way for […]

veggie meal plan – 8/15/16

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cooking in season / vegetarian meal plans

Good ol’ Hampshire College had a small farm on campus and a student-run coop with bulk bins, so I can pretty strongly delineate my attachment to eating local (hyper-local even) back to my college days. The practice started a little over 20 years ago and to this day, I (and now my family) eat what the local seasons and growers have to offer. Given that snippet of history, I hope you understand how disorienting the past few weeks […]

veggie meal plan – 8/8/16

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

Picked up a handful of vegetables at the grocery store (peppers, cukes, zucchini, etc.) and am working my pantry and freezer to the max this week to help pull all of our meals together. Wish me luck as I try to cook up a week’s worth of meals without my trusty CSA stash. Meals Quinoa chowder with spinach, feta & scallions* 15-minute lo mein Cucumber Salad** Fideo Bowls Homemade pizzas with whole wheat pizza dough*** Entomatadas […]