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lunch with the girl: phonatic

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The following post was made possible by Phonatic.  With the turn of the year always come resets and cleanses and vows to do more of this… less of that. I am not immune to these trends but we are generally in a good place with what we do with our food. Working a bit on cutting down pasta and bread, but this is more of a constant. Nothing new and exciting about it. What does […]

vegetarian eats to the south

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We moved to Austin from Lakewood (in Dallas) about nine years ago, but it wasn’t ’til we moved South of the River (SOTR) that we decided Austin was for keeps. South Austin was home and we knew it the second we landed here – the quirk, the homegrown vibe, and its laid back attitude matched us perfectly. Explore some of our favorite vegetarian eats if you find yourself just SOTR or if you venture further into […]

vegetarian eats – SWAD

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SWAD vegetarian | austin city guide |

It took me forever to find this all-vegetarian gem in North Austin. It’s tucked away in a strip mall on far North Lamar and the distance is the only thing that keeps us from regular weekly visits. Its interior and fixings are as unassuming as the strip mall it calls home, but there is nothing modest about the flavors that explode with every bite taken.

vegetarian eats to the east

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vegetarian eats to the east |

Although our family and personal lives are cemented south of the river, the East Side has become a nice extension of our life here in Austin. It’s where we headquartered our work life for two years and so we spent quite a bit of time lolligagging about in coffee shops and eating spots. We aren’t there during the work week as much these days, but make our way to our favorite spots whenever we can […]

vegetarian eats downtown

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vegetarian eats downtown |

There are oodles of places to eat downtown and honestly, the hardest thing is narrowing it down to favorites. I’ve pulled together a list of places that get thrown into the mix with some of my fave menu items from each. Happy eating! Koriente 621 E. 7th Love, love, love the Japchei – sweet potato noodles, fresh veggies and worth adding the tofu. The hummus role takes a close second. Backspace 507 San Jacinto I […]

vegetarian eats – mr. natural in east austin

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mr.natural |

Tex-Mex is as much a way of life in Austin as tacos are. This goes for the vegetarian contingent in town as well. Mr. Natural offers your standard fare (enchiladas and such), but its best is at the cafeteria-style hot bar where daily specials offer more homestyle Tejano food that we are accustomed to chowing down on en casa. Mr. Natural (East Austin Location) 1901 E. Cesar Chavez 512-477-5228 I am a faithful to the […]

eating through fun and busy weekends

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This weekend is one of the best of the year – there are authors, filmmakers and record collectors taking advantage of the glorious weather that Austin offers in late-October. We have readings to attend, record stashes to dig through and films to watch! The hardest part about these sorts of weekends is eating. We need food… good-for-you food in order to sustain the all-day hop around town. Indulging in the junk food at the festival stands is an […]

growing up on farmers’ markets

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farmers' market memories |

It is no secret that I relish my trips to the farmers’ market. Even as a kid in Dallas, they were a regular occurrence on Saturday mornings. There would be occasional cases of avocados, flats of strawberries, and oranges in the winter, but we were there to get my mama’s staples for the most part – tomatoes, peppers, onions, cilantro and the beans that she would pick up from this one vendor. They were sooooo […]