Go Vote!

There is way too much on the ballot this year to stay home! Austinites, go claim your stake in our local, state, and federal representation. It’ll be too late tomorrow and way too late in a year when all the effects of this representation start to take shape. Note sure what you’re voting for? There are […]


grocery shopping with instacart

The following post was put together with the support of Whole Foods. Cooking an average of 15-20 meals a week depletes the cupboards pretty darned fast, so grocery-shopping is a non-negotiable part of my (and every home cook’s) life. My bi-weekly CSA share, farmers’ market shopping, and food swapping has shortened my grocery store lists […]


tiny moments

Sometimes, this is all it takes to send my memory wandering back to my mom’s kitchen. Her flour was stored in the smallest of the Tuppeware set and was only brought out on occasional Sundays when we needed to bread our milanesas. Laundry, football, chores, and working together in the kitchen are what the muddy […]