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use your preserves: strawberry lemonade

We don’t eat oodles of sweets around here, but a cold glass of lemonade is pretty close to perfection on hot afternoons. A good portion of our homemade sweet preserves (blueberry, peach, strawberry) get used for summer beverages – blueberry limeade, peach tea, and her favorite – strawberry lemonade. Strawberry Lemonade makes 1 quart ½ […]


my 3-bean vegan chili

I’ve had a chili post in the draft column for well over two years, but the recipe for my homemade chili would morph with every make. It started as a black bean chili with lots of sweet peppers and it has slowly drifted into a hardier, spicier and more “meaty” chili that has a lingering […]


blueberry smoothies

Blueberries have all but disappeared from the markets, but they freeze really, really well. I did just that with about 6 pints of ’em a couple of months ago so that we could have one of the 9yo’s favorite smoothies on hand throughout the summer. Using frozen berries in place of fresh means you can […]


pineapple soda for hot afternoons

The heat inevitably brings on my cravings for sweet, cold somethings in the afternoon. These generally end in an orange soda, Orangina or a Dr. Pepper. Nothing wrong with having one of those occasionally, but we have a solid 90-100 days of hot ahead of us and not sure that it’s the healthiest coping mechanism. This […]


lunch in a pinch

Those of you that are from Austin are well acquainted with all the wonder that can be wrapped in a tortilla. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been rescued by tacos. These little guys turned what was going to be a very sad meal into something that filled the belly and made our […]