veggie meal plan – december 1, 2014

I imagine that I will be a bit aflutter with all the work today (10 day breaks will do that to you), but am determined to make it through what is left of the year in calm and happy spirits. Thou shalt not get overwhelmed.

Our meals this week will echo that mantra with quick dinners:

Cauliflower, Spinach and Potato Stir Fry*
Tempeh BBQ Sandwiches | Asian Slaw
Grain, Veggie & Protein Bowls
Pasta Puttanesca**
Picadillo Tacos

Pumpkin Bread
Spinach & Feta Mini-Quiche

Hope you all had a good break and that your Monday is kind and gentle.

* Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
** Cook’s Country


  1. Megan

    This week I’m trying the method of scheduling tasks in one-hour chunks (I’m in my social media chunk now). The first two hours went really well so I’m feeling positive about my workload.

    1. aneelee

      most of my year-end stuff is finance related and i tend to get bogged down for days at a time. maybe i can schedule in some hour-long breaks here and there to get the other stuff taken care of. thanks!

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