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creamy peach-yogurt popsicles

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After months and months (and months) of nothing but citrus, our eyes go wide at the sight of fruit in June. There are peaches at local farm stands, big ol’ watermelons and we had berries in the house as recently as last week. Hooray! This also means that we inevitably end up with a few pieces that are a little past the “fresh”stage. I decided to go the popsicle route with the handful of peaches we had […]

tomatolandia 2017

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The pantry is so sad and bare that I have been storing old cooking magazines and miscellaneous kitchen junk in there. All that is left of my 2016 tomatoes is these two jars of raw packed tomatoes, so to say that I am relieved to be picking up my first order of tomatoes tomorrow is an understatement. Scouring kitchen surfaces and cleaning ALL THE THINGS today so that I can jump right in to canning […]

paring down so you can cook more

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meal planning

Over the next few weeks on the blog, I'll be walking through a bit of how meal planning works in my kitchen. What kinds of things do I need to keep around to make weekday meals come off more easily? How do you get through a pound of without boring of it by mid-week? Most importantly, how to start on a small scale so as not to get overwhelmed. Meal prep, pantry and shopping tips for you along the way, too.

meal plan – week 18

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vegetarian meal plans

This is our first full week of summer break and I am so stoked for a more relaxed pace! Having plenty of healthy-ish snacks on hand is top of the mind as is working through freezer and pantry contents to make room for summer preserving (my favorite canning season is coming up). Meals for the week are super simple as I figure out our new rhythm: Leek Risotto Hummus Wraps Black Bean Burgers * Rustic […]

almost summer (+ watermelon)

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cooking in season / cooking with kids / familia

Summer break has begun! The season of “how do we make an entire watermelon fit in the fridge” is here! The struggle is real and I have more than once had to tell the 13yo that we can’t get a watermelon until we clear room in the fridge. I try to get it quartered as soon as it gets home to make it feel more manageable: half gets cubes up for easy snacking/packing. one quarter gets pureed for […]

baked potatoes for dinner

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cooking in season

I know. I know. Carbs are supposed to be bad, but when broccoli comes in my CSA box the first thing that pops in my head is oven-baked potatoes. Crispy skins. Fluffy insides. Piled high with broccoli and sour cream. Happy Saturday, y’all. This week’s CSA box: beets, carrots, turnips, radishes, fennel, leeks, spinach, kale and cilantro.

what’s cooking – week 10

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vegetarian meal plans

I anticipate a busy week ahead of Spring Break and SXSW (which we will forever have a love-hate relationship with). Hoping that food can help keep us grounded via our bellies. BREAKFAST Oatmeal Breakfast Tacos Waffles (weekend) Greek Yogurt with Honey Kale & Potato Scrambles Orange & Sweet Potato Smoothies MEALS Pad Thai* Turnips in Miso Butter ** Lima Bean Stew  Butter Lettuce with Tahini Dressing Buddha Bowls (Quinoa + Veggies + Tempeh) Penne with […]

getting ahead of your CSA pickup

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

I’ve always been a big advocate of planning from what you have on hand instead of planning and THEN shopping. Admittedly, making this switch is a tough one. You have to build new shopping habits and learn to build a pantry that will support your vegetable stash. Luckily, most of our local CSAs here in Austin do a really good job of letting you know what to expect. It’s not foolproof. You might end up […]

what’s cooking – week 9

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

Not gonna jinx anything by declaring that I am back (at least not with an exclamation mark), but it does feel good to be getting back into a rhythm with the blog. Picked up a few things at the grocery store to get us through our next CSA pickup on Saturday. Breakfast Having our usual, but am experimenting a bit with almond flour and determined to get more non-egg breakfasts into our repertoire. Trying out […]