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it’s the weekend!

Got an early start this morning and am feeling motivated and ready for a weekend in the kitchen. Have a freezer re-org on the brain to help make sense of the jumble it became in June and my most used kitchen drawers need a little TLC. As for cooking, I’ll be working through the remainder […]


free of fruit emergencies

The figs are done and the tomatoes are done and there is no mountain of produce urging me into a canning session! This means that what is left – cooking meals – feels easy peasy. Hoping to make lots of fun bowls and homemade snacks with the free kitchen time. How is your week going?


revisit your cookbooks

The change in seasons is the perfect excuse to rediscover recipes in your existing cookbook collection. Scour indexes for what’s in season now (root veggies and lettuces and strawberries) so you have a couple of fresh ideas when you hit the grocery store and farmer’s market this weekend.


sunshine acquired

I am that person that walks in the shade all summer, hugging the ones cast by buildings and hopping beneath every tree canopy possible to avoid the hot hot sun. But man oh man! This has been such a grey winter and I didn’t realize how sun-starved I’ve been until today. Got out into the […]