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break begins

One of the most glorious things about homeschooling is that we get to set our own schedules. 15yo schools year-round but we take a break from some of her heavier academic load in the summers and during our long fall/winter break. So… lots more kitchen time and family time and general downtime for a bit.


CSA box – October

We are firmly planted in between seasons here in Austin so thought I would make a quick list of what was in this weekend’s CSA pickup: beets summer squash bok choy dandelion greens sweet potato cucumber okra peppers eggplant Brewing up a meal plan to get us through the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned.


tamales today

I will forever have a soft spot in my heart for the banana leaf wrapped tamales that I grew up on and they will ALWAYS be my favorite, but… these are so ridiculously easy to make!! Crossing fingers they taste good and that Ingot the masa texture right.


The Big Bake Sale for Border Families

Join us on Saturday, August 4 from 10am-2pm all over the Austin (and beyond) as we sell our best baked goodies. Our citywide charity bake sale will be raising funds to support and reunite immigrant and refugee families at the border via RAICES Texas.   Sale Locations: Eldorado Cafe – 3300 W Anderson Ln #303, […]


it’s the weekend!

Got an early start this morning and am feeling motivated and ready for a weekend in the kitchen. Have a freezer re-org on the brain to help make sense of the jumble it became in June and my most used kitchen drawers need a little TLC. As for cooking, I’ll be working through the remainder […]


free of fruit emergencies

The figs are done and the tomatoes are done and there is no mountain of produce urging me into a canning session! This means that what is left – cooking meals – feels easy peasy. Hoping to make lots of fun bowls and homemade snacks with the free kitchen time. How is your week going?