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changing plans

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Going to school on your birthday seems fun in the abstract, but when faced with the reality of not playing and not being in control of your day… not so much. So… no school and work will have to wait one more day. Good thing the mama in the picture sorta saw this coming. 😉 Flexibility will be our friend today and perhaps that is a sign of things to come. Have a great day!

loving lunch

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loving lunch |

Packed her a special Valentine’s Day lunch this morning – heart shaped ravioli, field roast slice, cauliflower, carrots, parmesan popcorn and carefully sectioned grapefruit. It’s a bit lighter than usual, but I suspect there will be lots of celebratory food in her classroom this morning. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with your friends, family and loved ones. Eat yummy stuff together!

birthday had

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birthday had |

I turned 38 this past weekend and had a super quiet day with my two most important people to ease the soul and brain. Made this cake. Lounged in bed with a book. Watched some football. Ate at Elizabeth Street for the first time. Lounged in bed some more. Perfection.

happy halloween!

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Our celebrating kicks off today with Halloween! We’ll cart the 9yo over to our friend’s house for what has become one of our most treasured fall traditions. Their neighborhood is CRAZY into Halloween with haunted houses, spooky decorations (and sound effects), tables of full-size candy bars, and hundreds of children flooding the street in costume. The kids love handing out candy and it’s been fun to see their choices in costumes evolve as they get […]

birthday number 9

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This will go down as the birthday that she baked her own cakes – vegan chocolate cakes to be exact. They were moist and dense without being bricks or too sweet. Hoping that this is the beginning of a new birthday tradition and looking forward to baking many, many more cakes with her. Happy Birthday, not-so-little one. I hope that you ease through year nine as gracefully as you did year eight. * Cake recipe […]