happy halloween!

happy halloween | aneelee.wordpress.com

Our celebrating kicks off today with Halloween! We’ll cart the 9yo over to our friend’s house for what has become one of our most treasured fall traditions. Their neighborhood is CRAZY into Halloween with haunted houses, spooky decorations (and sound effects), tables of full-size candy bars, and hundreds of children flooding the street in costume.

The kids love handing out candy and it’s been fun to see their choices in costumes evolve as they get older. We’ve done super heroes, robots, book characters, and this year, she’ll be clad in head-to-toe red and a homemade mask. Did my best to do the happy, furry muppet and her current Jim Henson obsession justice.

I try not to fret about the candy intake too much. Making sure that she has plenty of food in her ahead of the trick-or-treating is the bigger concern as she seldom makes time to eat in the middle of all the fun. A tummy-filling meal of rice and beans will be perfect and hopefully fend off any candy binges. We’ll take care of our sweet tooth with a fall favorite – pumpkin bread! I’ll be toting that, some citrus (yay, fall!!) and some salsa to the get-together for sharing.

Have a happy and safe Halloween tonight!

P.S. We’ll only have a few hours to switch gears from Halloween to birthday celebrating (he turns 38 tomorrow), so I’ll start some of my prep work today – pie crusts and pumpkin puree.

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