15 more days (sorta)

The 9yo starts an outdoor summer camp tomorrow that will be thrusting us all back into morning realities a full two weeks before school starts. Yikes! So… instead of sitting down tonight and thoughtfully planning out my week of meals, I had to make sure that the kitchen was ready for a solid breakfast (at […]


picking battles

The 9yo is a good eater that understands (intellectually at least) that she must eat lots of different veggies in order to be healthy. That said, she’s still nine and getting her to eat those veggies can be infuriating when she’s going through her picky phases. Ours are more taco-n-nacho than pasta-n-cheese, but they are […]


grade school love

It’s Valentine’s Day and although I am not super into the wining and dining version of the holiday that adults embrace, I am a HUGE fan of the grade-school version that brings together our love of crafts and food. Her classmates got a new variation on last year’s Mad Libs Valentines.  The little rolls from […]