three more days

zucchini muffins from the weekend

Packing lunches the past couple of weeks has been really challenging. It’s been the same 4-5 lunches, rotated, with little inspiration and planning as evidenced by my daughter’s reaction to her packed lunch today, “Quesadillas? Again?”

I have three lunches to make up for my lackluster performances and shall win her over by packing some of her favorites:

Yogurt | Homemade Granola | Zucchini Muffin | Peach | Raisin & Almond Mix

Macaroni & Cheese | Crunchy Carrots | Banana | Chewy Energy Circle

Taco Salad | Homemade Horchata | Fruit TBD

And then, we can chill in our pajamas and curl up with books, snacking on whatever pleases our fancies at whatever time of day our tummies tell us.

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