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lunch list – week 3

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Still going y’all. Gonna keep this brief. Monday egg noodles | steamed broccoli | watermelon | snack mix Tuesday mini-quiches | apple slices | roasted beets | muffin Wednesday tacos | watermelon | carrots | snack mix or bar Thursday cheese & sprout sandwich | grapes | steamed broccoli | muffin Friday mama’s in charge of surprise lunch Note: I know that there is repeating going on here, but remember the 11yo is in charge […]

almost done

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her lunch |

  I’ve been relying on some non-homemade favorites these last few days of school. Annie’s Mac N Cheese, Annie’s Bunnies, steamed broccoli, strawberries AND peaches, and a Z-bar as a treat. Only two more of these to go.

15 more days (sorta)

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The 9yo starts an outdoor summer camp tomorrow that will be thrusting us all back into morning realities a full two weeks before school starts. Yikes! So… instead of sitting down tonight and thoughtfully planning out my week of meals, I had to make sure that the kitchen was ready for a solid breakfast (at a decent hour) and full lunch with snack. – Containers? Check. – Chilled Thermos? Check. – Insulated water jug? Check. […]

lunch in a pinch

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Those of you that are from Austin are well acquainted with all the wonder that can be wrapped in a tortilla. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve been rescued by tacos. These little guys turned what was going to be a very sad meal into something that filled the belly and made our tastebuds happy.

three more days

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vegetarian meal plans

Packing lunches the past couple of weeks has been really challenging. It’s been the same 4-5 lunches, rotated, with little inspiration and planning as evidenced by my daughter’s reaction to her packed lunch today, “Quesadillas? Again?” I have three lunches to make up for my lackluster performances and shall win her over by packing some of her favorites: Wednesday Yogurt | Homemade Granola | Zucchini Muffin | Peach | Raisin & Almond Mix Thursday Macaroni […]