recipe index

Mexican Food
Vegetarian Posole
Ancho Lentil Stew
Vegetarian Frijoles Charros
Caldo de Papa
Texas Pepper Sofrito

Snacks & Beverages
Cantaloupe Agua Fresca
Pineapple Soda
Watermelon Popsicles
Peach-Yogurt Pops
Blueberry Smoothies
Strawberry Lemonade
Sesame Broccoli
Tiny Yogurt Pops
Peach-Banana Smoothies
Grapefruit Paletas
Cherry Juice Popsicles

Quick Meals
Quinoa & Kale & Crispy Tofu
Fideo Seco
Taco Salads
Potato & Kale Tacos
Black Bean & Sweet Pepper Tacos
Classic Veggie Sandwiches
Summer Veggie Burgers

Olive and Caper Soy Curls
Pasta & Beans Dinner

One-Bowl Whole Wheat Pancakes
Steam-Fried Eggs
Chipotle-Honey Granola
Stovetop Granola

Creamy Winter Squash Soup
Caldo de Papa
Vegetarian Posole
Ancho Lentil Stew
3-Bean Vegan Chili
Vegan Sweet Potato Soup

Homemade Staples
Red Vegetarian Broth
Grapefruit Vinaigrette
Summer Veggie Burgers
Pumpkin Puree

Crispy Okra

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