pineapple soda for hot afternoons

The heat inevitably brings on my cravings for sweet, cold somethings in the afternoon. These generally end in an orange soda, Orangina or a Dr. Pepper. Nothing wrong with having one of those occasionally, but we have a solid 90-100 days of hot ahead of us and not sure that it’s the healthiest coping mechanism. This little concoction whips up with stuff that I actually keep in the house – fresh fruit juice and a topo – and is significantly more guilt-free than the aforementioned options that require a run to the corner store.

Pineapple Soda
makes 1 serving

8oz pineapple juice
8oz mineral water
agave or honey to taste (optional)

  1. Fill a pint glass or mason jar with ice.
  2. Add pineapple juice.
  3. Top off with mineral water.
  4. Swirl and drink.

You can add a bit of agave or honey if your fruit juice is a little on the tart side. Feel free to sub in whatever juice you have on hand. I’m gonna try peaches next and can’t wait for pear season to roll around.

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