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veggie meal plan – august 22, 2017

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meal planning / vegetarian meal plans

Taking my cues from some magazines this week in hopes of expanding the weeknight repertoire. Rest of our meals will be rounded out by the french lentils and quinoa stocked in the fridge. Meals Socca* Soba, Cuke & Soft Tofu Bowls** Ratatouille Hoisan Eggplant with Mushrooms & Tofu*** 13yo’s choice (’cause birthday) Breakfast Ratatouille & Egg Toast*** Huevos Cuahtemoc Hearty Pancakes* Savory Cornmeal Crepes with Greens and Zucchini Snacks Cucumber Sandwiches with Toasted-Hazelnut Cream Cheese** […]

celeriac suggestions?

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cooking in season

Wondering if any of you out there have done something particularly exciting with celery root. Most recipes call for making purees or involve mashing it into another starch. I dice it finely into risotto pretty much every time it lands in my CSA box. There must be more. What do you do with it?

creamy peach-yogurt popsicles

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After months and months (and months) of nothing but citrus, our eyes go wide at the sight of fruit in June. There are peaches at local farm stands, big ol’ watermelons and we had berries in the house as recently as last week. Hooray! This also means that we inevitably end up with a few pieces that are a little past the “fresh”stage. I decided to go the popsicle route with the handful of peaches we had […]

almost summer (+ watermelon)

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cooking in season / cooking with kids / familia

Summer break has begun! The season of “how do we make an entire watermelon fit in the fridge” is here! The struggle is real and I have more than once had to tell the 13yo that we can’t get a watermelon until we clear room in the fridge. I try to get it quartered as soon as it gets home to make it feel more manageable: half gets cubes up for easy snacking/packing. one quarter gets pureed for […]

last of summer and a recipe

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cooking in season / recipes

Temperatures make it a little hard to tell, but summer is wrapping up in Austin. We picked up what I am sure is going to be our last watermelon of the year with our tuber-heavy CSA stash. In the kitchen, I am closing out the summer with one last batch of my summer squash risotto. I originally came across this risotto cooking method in The Bon Apetit Fast Easy Fresh cookbook. I’ve been making risotto this way for […]

veggie meal plan – 8/8/16

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food-related / vegetarian meal plans

Picked up a handful of vegetables at the grocery store (peppers, cukes, zucchini, etc.) and am working my pantry and freezer to the max this week to help pull all of our meals together. Wish me luck as I try to cook up a week’s worth of meals without my trusty CSA stash. Meals Quinoa chowder with spinach, feta & scallions* 15-minute lo mein Cucumber Salad** Fideo Bowls Homemade pizzas with whole wheat pizza dough*** Entomatadas […]

weekend preserving: a list

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preserving the seasons

Lots of produce that I need to put up this weekend, so I thought I would put together a list for the sake of accountability. I’ve listed things in order of priority for my pantry, but this does not necessarily mean that I will tackle them in that order: Crushed tomatoes Shelf-stable salsa (small batch for emergencies)  Ketchup Fermented dill pickles Pickled red onions Fermented serranos Charred serranos for freezer Escabeche (small batch for botana […]

tomatolandia cont.

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preserving the seasons

I have put up 7 pints of shelf-stable tomato sauce and 5 pints of oven-roasted tomatoes in the freezer to date and that is just not enough to make it through to June 2017. 10 pounds of san marzanos getting processed tonight! Stay tuned to the ‘gram and twitterverse for the play-by-play. 

summer meal plan – june 26,2016

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cooking in season / vegetarian meal plans

In the middle of a cooking groove, so I am riding it all the way to an actual meal plan. This is way more food than we can probably get through in a week, but I figure I’ll just keep working through it until we run out of produce. Putting lots of tomatoes and peaches this week, too. Excited to try Kate’s peach sauce in addition to putting away a small batch of peach jam. […]

summer veggie burgers

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cooking in season / recipes
summer veggie burger |

I have been on a quest for a homemade veggie patty for… like… ever. I’ve tried a kazillion recipes in the past few years and they are all perfectly yummy but rarely hit highs across the board. Sometimes, they fall apart. Sometimes, they are ingredient heavy. Sometimes the 9yo 10yo won’t come within inches of them. Sometimes they are ONLY yummy if you can serve them with a perfect combination of go-withs. This recipe (originally posted […]