veggie meal plan – august 22, 2017


Taking my cues from some magazines this week in hopes of expanding the weeknight repertoire. Rest of our meals will be rounded out by the french lentils and quinoa stocked in the fridge.

Soba, Cuke & Soft Tofu Bowls**
Hoisan Eggplant with Mushrooms & Tofu***
13yo’s choice (’cause birthday)

Ratatouille & Egg Toast***
Huevos Cuahtemoc
Hearty Pancakes*
Savory Cornmeal Crepes with Greens and Zucchini

Cucumber Sandwiches with Toasted-Hazelnut Cream Cheese**
Mixed Cucumber & Cured Olive Salad**
Homemade Graham Crackers
Tres Leches Cake (’cause birthday)

* Sift Magazine, Spring 2017
** Short Stack Vol. 28: Cucumbers
*** Short Stack Vol. 22: Eggplant

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