meal planning

april goals

I have been on a brag-worthy eat-at-home streak for the past few months, but my meal planning habits have been nothing to aspire to. This is creating a chain reaction: cook my latest whim -> head to the grocery store ’cause I don’t have everything I need -> repeat -> throw grocery budget out window. […]


it’s the weekend!

Got an early start this morning and am feeling motivated and ready for a weekend in the kitchen. Have a freezer re-org on the brain to help make sense of the jumble it became in June and my most used kitchen drawers need a little TLC. As for cooking, I’ll be working through the remainder […]


revisit your cookbooks

The change in seasons is the perfect excuse to rediscover recipes in your existing cookbook collection. Scour indexes for what’s in season now (root veggies and lettuces and strawberries) so you have a couple of fresh ideas when you hit the grocery store and farmer’s market this weekend.