summer rearranging

After almost a full year in the house, it is time to do some rearranging in the kitchen. We’ve figured out where our paths bump in the mornings and I have a better sense of what that kitchen demands season to season. The coffee counter, canning supplies, pantry, and cutting boards are getting a shuffle […]


make soup with your tomatoes!

Can you believe how mild our spring and summer has been so far? I don’t think I remember tomatoes arriving at the market with anything other than searing heat and blinding sunshine, but we’ve had plenty of grey and cool (in the evenings) this year and I am not complaining one bit. I think going […]


use your preserves: strawberry lemonade

We don’t eat oodles of sweets around here, but a cold glass of lemonade is pretty close to perfection on hot afternoons. A good portion of our homemade sweet preserves (blueberry, peach, strawberry) get used for summer beverages – blueberry limeade, peach tea, and her favorite – strawberry lemonade. Strawberry Lemonade makes 1 quart ½ […]