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el castillo | aneelee.wordpress.com

A bit of news…

aneelee and fam have a new home! There will be some adjusting – new kitchen layout and no gas service (breathing deeply about this one). But we have room for an outdoor grill (yay for fire!), gardening space, and fruit trees dropping figs over the fence line. Complaints… are hard to come by.

The move coincides with the beginning of summer canning season, so I am excited about #tomatolandia from the new digs, lots of summer lounging and a bit of entertaining as we celebrate what I am already calling “El Castillo.” I’ll be back to regular blogging (meal plans, in particular) as soon as life allows.

el castillo | aneelee.wordpress.com

Happy summer everyone!

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vegetarian. mama. love to cook, read, knit, take pictures and make things. places where food, memory, and culture intersect are my favorite.


  1. South Austin Foodie says

    Congrats on the house! Cant wait to hear more about it — happy hour soon?

    • OMG, yes! I am in desperate need of a fun night out. let me get through this move and then we’ll get everyone together.

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