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almost thanksgiving

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celebrating / cooking in season

For the first time in a really, really, really long time… my CSA pickup will not be immediately before our Thanksgiving meal and I am going to have to plan a meal before shopping instead of planning a meal around my box. All the carbs are accounted for – cinnamon rolls, honey sweet potato rolls, and mashed potatoes – but all the actual food is still a big old question mark. I guess I’m hitting the cookbook […]

eating at almost-thirteen

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The following is a list of what food items the 12yo has requested to have available for her birthday weekend: Oatmeal pancakes Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon Tres leches cake Juice (any kind) Casa Garcia nachos Lots has changed in the past year (height, maturity, etc.) but the only change in this list is (1) type of cake and (2) a preference for a plate of nachos instead of mac and cheese. Baby steps, y’all. P.S. Post where […]


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   I feel like I have been talking about getting back into a groove for at least a month… maybe longer. 2016 has been exhausting so far! I’ve managed to scribble lofty what to eat lists, but nothing anywhere close to my more regular meal plans. I had illusions (delusions) of a quick adjustment period when we started homeschooling, but now see that we are gonna have to really rework the hows and whens of […]

wednesdays = me days

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I have slowly found my way back to my mid-week “me” days – a day without meetings where I get to focus on my stacks at my own rhythm and pace. When you juggle as many roles as I do in a day, you’d be surprised how little control you have of the when and how. These days help me get stuff done (yes!), but more importantly help clear my mental slate for the rest of […]

she’s 12!

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 No one ever tells you when you are nestling a freshly popped newborn that they turn into these older kids. All the sage advice and anecdotes are about when their kids were wee just like the one that fits perfectly in that little space in your arm. Well… they do get bigger (stop fitting in your lap for sure) and as we have learned over the years, they become more themself with every year that […]

lunch-packing drawer

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A drawer for all my lunch-packing essentials is a real sanity saver once the school year kicks in. If you don’t have an entire drawer to spare, try finding a spot for a small basket or container that will corral everything and make yourself a little lunch-packing zone. I am a strong believer in having your insides match your outsides and this philosophy definitely carries over into my kitchen. Clearing out and re-prioritizing this space is one […]

lunch containers – 2015 update

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We don’t have long supply lists at the beginning of the school year, so lunch boxes and lunch packing paraphernalia is where I get my back-to-school urges satiated these days. I’ll pick up a couple of sauce containers here and there or try a snack-size container in hopes of finding a new dependable gem, but it is the stuff below that has held strong in our lunch-packing drawer for years now. We’ve had some of these containers since the […]