eleven tomorrow

Geez. How did we get here? An eleven-year-old that fits in my shoes and no longer likes wearing bright colors is not something that you plan for… it kinda just sneaks up on you. I probably feel this way every year, but this age is the best. She is eager to “get bigger” but not […]


in excellent order

The celebrating of my birthday begins today! It’s not till Monday, but birthdays are embraced with significantly more revelry than most other holidays ’round here. I’ve been content with no-fuss the past few years, preferring to idle in bed a bit late and letting the day just happen, but something feels really different this year. […]



This is the morning (12 years ago) that I realized that 3 months and 4 days had passed without a single thing remembered. Yes, it was the morning of September 11, forever marked by the awful things that happened in the sky, but it was also 3 months and 4 days after my father had […]