I feel like I have been talking about getting back into a groove for at least a month… maybe longer. 2016 has been exhausting so far! I’ve managed to scribble lofty what to eat lists, but nothing anywhere close to my more regular meal plans. I had illusions (delusions) of a quick adjustment period when we started homeschooling, but now see that we are gonna have to really rework the hows and whens of all our stuffs – when to cook so I can get our fridge fully stocked with meals, how to squeeze in creative time so I can recharge… even the where to work is up for a re-do.

We’ll be wrapping up her first “semester” next week and will be going into our summer mode starting in May. The time to embrace this new lifeflow couldn’t be better. She’ll have a lighter workload. I’ll have more flexibility to try out different routines. And we’ll all be more chill once we can get back to our daily swimming. Just need the rain and grey to let up now.

P.S. I totally just blogged frok my phone. 😉

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