she’s 12!

 No one ever tells you when you are nestling a freshly popped newborn that they turn into these older kids. All the sage advice and anecdotes are about when their kids were wee just like the one that fits perfectly in that little space in your arm. Well… they do get bigger (stop fitting in your lap for sure) and as we have learned over the years, they become more themself with every year that passes. Her love of learning, her empathy, her kindness, and her smile have only gotten more effervescent with time. This is one awesome kid that we get to share our life with and I can’t wait to see how parenting a 12 year old unfolds.

Happy birthday!

P.S. I employed a short cut last year for getting a nice stacked cake. I now use a single 8″ round cake pan (with a 2″ depth) instead of the more traditional 9″ round. I get height in my cake without having to fuss with layers and the little bit of extra cake batter that I have left get made into a couple of cupcakes.

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