almost thanksgiving

For the first time in a really, really, really long time… my CSA pickup will not be immediately before our Thanksgiving meal and I am going to have to plan a meal before shopping instead of planning a meal around my box. All the carbs are accounted for – cinnamon rolls, honey sweet potato rolls, and mashed potatoes – but all the actual food is still a big old question mark. I guess I’m hitting the cookbook stacks and farmers market this weekend. What are you cooking?

P.S. Anyone else feel like this holiday just snuck up on us? I swear it was just Halloween like two seconds ago.

One Comment

  1. Gavin

    Im making the pecan pie recipe my grandma made every year growing up, definitely ready for a little nostalgia this Thanksgiving.

    P.S. Totally feel like I was looking at Viva la Vida pictures on just the other day and suddenly its just a few days from Thanksgiving.

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