vegetarian meal plan |

vegetarian meal plan – june 3, 2013

vegetarian meal plan |

Pool parties, zucchini, and the arrival of my first batch of tomatoes means summer has struck! I’m sure that my enthusiasm for meals that require cooking (aka make the house hot) will wane as the temperatures creep up, but for now, am looking forward to firing up the stove and grill. The summer veggie bounty of peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini is upon us.

Summer Minestrone
Black Beans & Rice
Quinoa, Green Beans & Tofu with Cashew Tamari Dressing
Potato & Kale Tacos

Tomato, Olive & Mozzarella Salad
Pumpkin Bread
Pineapple-Green Juice
Bluebuerry Yogurt Smoothies

Pickled Jalapeños
Whole Blueberries (to freeze)

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