tiny yogurt pops in chocolate | aneelee.wordpress.com

tiny yogurt pops in chocolate

These guys are my absolute favorite at the moment. Banilla yogurt (yes, I am well aware that it’s basically candy disguised as yogurt) dipped in homemade magic shell. Since it is a bit of an indulgence, I make them in our Zoku Mini-Pop Mold which makes popsicles that are about 1 tablespoon a piece. It is just enough to satiate my wicked sweet tooth without the guilt of a full-size, sugar-laced pop. Being an adult is awesome stuff. 😉

It is possible to make a healthier version of this, of course. You could easily puree strawberries in unsweetened yogurt and dip in chocolate.

Note: I’ve purchased the Zoku Mini-Pop Mold for myself last summer and it is now my most cherished popsicle mold. The above content is not-sponsored in any way; I am just a huge fan of the tiny pops that it yields and thought it would be fun to share my latest favorite. 

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