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crispy okra

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crispy okra |

Got my first batch of okra today and we are excited to revisit this now-classic summer snack… Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have non-gooey okra. These little guys are what finally got me to cross over into the land of the okra-lover. Crispy and spicy, they rarely make the short distance from the counter to the kitchen table and have become one of our favorite summer snacks. Yes… okra can be a […]

cherry juice popsicles

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The following post was put together with the support of Whole Foods.  I decided to step away from all things hot and boiling to make some cool treats for the summer afternoons. These tiny cherry pops are 100% fruit juice so you can set aside the guilt when you offer them up instead of the fresh fruit. The teensy bit of agave that I added is optional, but I think that it helps to bring […]

tiny yogurt pops in chocolate

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tiny yogurt pops in chocolate |

These guys are my absolute favorite at the moment. Banilla yogurt (yes, I am well aware that it’s basically candy disguised as yogurt) dipped in homemade magic shell. Since it is a bit of an indulgence, I make them in our Zoku Mini-Pop Mold which makes popsicles that are about 1 tablespoon a piece. It is just enough to satiate my wicked sweet tooth without the guilt of a full-size, sugar-laced pop. Being an adult […]

snacking on peas

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snacking on peas |

World Peas was kind enough to gift me a sampling of their flavored green peas to taste. They arrived just in time for our picnicking weekend, but were immediately deemed “too flavorful” for the 10yo’s picky palate. Off to adult snack land they went! They’ve been living at the office for the past couple of weeks as daytime snacks and the BBQ flavor has won by leaps and bounds! One bag cleared. Mini-bag almost finished […]

summer snack | watermelon popsicles

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post-walk snack, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr. These live in the freezer all summer. I usually reserve a full quarter of a watermelon to ensure we have enough to stash for hot days when simple cut fruit just isn’t cold enough. Watermelon Popsicles Cut fruit away from rind. Place fruit in blender and puree along with favorite sweetener.* Pour into molds and freeze. Eat all summer long. * It is totally possible to skip […]

recipe: stovetop granola

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Discovering that I can make granola on the stovetop was one of my biggest AHA kitchen moments ever. Turning the oven on in the insanity that is the Texas summer is nearly impossible, but granola is a household staple that we can’t really manage most weeks without. It’s super-easy, doesn’t get the house all hot and lends itself to mid-stream corrections and alterations should you find that you have a handful of walnuts or want to […]

making my own | wheat crackers

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from the oven

We eat a fair amount of crackers in the house and if I could cut that out of our regular grocery list with it would come the sodium, fat and preservatives that our bodies don’t need. I do my best to buy organic when it comes to packaged and processed food, but that can get cost-prohibitive pretty quickly. And there they would be again, those darned fish-shaped “crackers.” So, I decided that today was the […]