making my own | wheat crackers

We eat a fair amount of crackers in the house and if I could cut that out of our regular grocery list with it would come the sodium, fat and preservatives that our bodies don’t need. I do my best to buy organic when it comes to packaged and processed food, but that can get cost-prohibitive pretty quickly. And there they would be again, those darned fish-shaped “crackers.”

So, I decided that today was the day that I would make them from scratch. I turned to my kitchen bible, pulled out all THREE ingredients that were needed and had nice crispy little wheat crackers within 30 minutes. Aside from them being a bit too thick and being slapped in the face by the sheer amount of butter that lives in each of these delightful little squares, I am happy. Tomorrow’s lunch boxes will be happy, too.



    1. aneelee

      i’m not very experienced at the whole baking and cracker-making thing, but i think you need to the butter for the flake. i may try next time with half butter, half oil. or maybe just oil (canola).

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