summer snack | watermelon popsicles

post-walk snack by a_neelee
post-walk snack, a photo by a_neelee on Flickr.

These live in the freezer all summer. I usually reserve a full quarter of a watermelon to ensure we have enough to stash for hot days when simple cut fruit just isn’t cold enough.

Watermelon Popsicles

  1. Cut fruit away from rind.
  2. Place fruit in blender and puree along with favorite sweetener.*
  3. Pour into molds and freeze.
  4. Eat all summer long.

* It is totally possible to skip the sweetener, but I find that freezing fruit sometimes cuts at its natural sweetness. Agave helps with this without masking any of the fruit’s natural sweet. About 1 tablespoon per 3-4 cups of puree is more than enough.


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