weekend meal plan | july 1, 2011

fireworks, auditorium shores, july 2010

Sadly, the severe drought that we are experiencing has put a stop to any fireworks fun this year. We’ll spend most of the holiday enjoying each other’s company, cooking and traipsing about the city’s libraries, bookstores and record shops. Have a great holiday and I shall catch you on the flip side of it.

Quickie meal plan that I’m hoping will get us through the long weekend together:

Mulit-grain Waffles
Summer Squash & Ricotta Omelets | Hashbrowns
Smoothies & Muffins

Summer Tomato Soup | Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwiches with Radish Sprouts
Tomato & Mozzarella Sandwiches | Grilled Carrots
Enchiladas Rojas | Rice & Beans
Summer Vegetable Soup

Sandia Popsicles
Sandia Agua Fresca
Hummus & Veggies
Cucumber Salad

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