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busy week for the oven | menu – week of march 28

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vegetarian meal plans

It has cooled down significantly over the past couple of days and I think the trend will continue for the greater part of next week. Cooler weather at this time of year [in South Central Texas] is rare so I’ve been gazing out the window in the morning and daydreaming about San Francisco. Sigh. Once the heat really does kick in, it will be nearly unbearable to bake and roast, so I shall spend the […]

baking check-in | potato bread

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from the oven

One of the reasons that I love to cook so much has very much to do with its tangible and fairly immediate results. There is little in life that delivers satisfaction for heart and soul and tummy so quickly. Even the simplest of efforts appeases and comforts a famished belly. Baking on the other hand, requires quite a bit of patience and a stillness of the brain that I don’t have all that often. I’ve […]

bread challenge update: getting better at this

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from the oven

I have gotten infinitely better at this whole bread thing in the past couple of weeks! The biggest changes I made were to my frame of mind while baking. It has taken me till month-four to realize that I just need to s-l-o-w  d-o-w-n and be more patient with the bread-rising stages (and life). I was sticking to a clock rather than letting it be ready when it was ready and my breads were suffering […]

i cheated this weekend

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from the oven

Quickie: I cheated. Friday was nuts and I spent all day trying to make a loaf of bread for the sandwich that I had been craving all week and then I had to leave and come back and leave again and then my loaf of bread sucked. Had my sandwich on Saturday afternoon with mediocre store-bought bread (see sad, pathetic photo above) and it was less than satisfying. Ugh. Need that natural baker thing to kick […]