snacking on peas |

snacking on peas

World Peas was kind enough to gift me a sampling of their flavored green peas to taste. They arrived just in time for our picnicking weekend, but were immediately deemed “too flavorful” for the 10yo’s picky palate. Off to adult snack land they went!

snacking on peas 2 |

They’ve been living at the office for the past couple of weeks as daytime snacks and the BBQ flavor has won by leaps and bounds! One bag cleared. Mini-bag almost finished off! I’m guilty of indulging in salty snacks more than I probably should, so I am relieved to have a healthier, crunchy alternative to my usual salt and vinegar chips. Sodium content is soooo much less in these little peas and I am not missing the extra salt.

You can pick World Peas up in the healthy living sections of most local grocery stores in Austin. The usual suspects – Wheatsville, WF, and H-E-B – have various flavors in stock. The Sichuan flavor was a nice spicy alternative to the wasabi peas that we like to keep around. I’ll be adding that, the BBQ flavor, and the Tomato Garlic (tomato-flavor without too much garlic) to my snack list and am stoked to try them all atop my salads in place of croutons for crunch.

snacking on peas |

DISCLOSURE: The kind folks at World Peas provided me with an assortment of their products for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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