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loquat season again

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preserving the seasons

Picked what I hope is my first of many batches today. Neighbor said that in his 40 years in the neighborhood, no one has ever asked about picking. What?!? As far as he knows, the squirrels and birds have been feasting at springtime for years. It is a HUGE tree and I have been granted full access. 🙂 Last year was a total wash for our loquat love (moving, crazy work schedule, drought, etc.), so […]

vegetarian eats to the south

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We moved to Austin from Lakewood (in Dallas) about nine years ago, but it wasn’t ’til we moved South of the River (SOTR) that we decided Austin was for keeps. South Austin was home and we knew it the second we landed here – the quirk, the homegrown vibe, and its laid back attitude matched us perfectly. Explore some of our favorite vegetarian eats if you find yourself just SOTR or if you venture further into […]

vegetarian eats to the east

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vegetarian eats to the east |

Although our family and personal lives are cemented south of the river, the East Side has become a nice extension of our life here in Austin. It’s where we headquartered our work life for two years and so we spent quite a bit of time lolligagging about in coffee shops and eating spots. We aren’t there during the work week as much these days, but make our way to our favorite spots whenever we can […]

vegetarian eats downtown

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vegetarian eats downtown |

There are oodles of places to eat downtown and honestly, the hardest thing is narrowing it down to favorites. I’ve pulled together a list of places that get thrown into the mix with some of my fave menu items from each. Happy eating! Koriente 621 E. 7th Love, love, love the Japchei – sweet potato noodles, fresh veggies and worth adding the tofu. The hummus role takes a close second. Backspace 507 San Jacinto I […]

vegetarian meal plan – vacation is over!

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vegetarian meal plans

Guys! I have to make breakfast tomorrow morning and pack a lunch and go to work and have juice left (hopefully) for cooking dinner in the evening. ADM*, ya’ll. A.D.M. Monday Breakfast – Grapefruit & Tacos Lunch – Thanksgiving Leftovers (Winter Squash Soup, Roasted Brussel Sprouts) + Kale Cheddar Muffins (from Austin Bakes) + Apples Dinner – Potato Chickpea Stew** + Spinach Salad with Apples & Walnuts Tuesday Breakfast – Peach & Yogurt Smoothies + […]

saturday at the market

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all things food
beets! |

Picked up our CSA share today and we are stoked to have beets, carrots, turnips, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli, collards, cilantro, tomatoes and kohlrabi to cook with this coming week. Also… I got a new “toy” and it feels awesome to have an SLR in my hands again. The weight. The control. Took it out for its first whirl at the market today and am really excited about shooting food (and everything else in my […]

snacking on peas

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all things food
snacking on peas |

World Peas was kind enough to gift me a sampling of their flavored green peas to taste. They arrived just in time for our picnicking weekend, but were immediately deemed “too flavorful” for the 10yo’s picky palate. Off to adult snack land they went! They’ve been living at the office for the past couple of weeks as daytime snacks and the BBQ flavor has won by leaps and bounds! One bag cleared. Mini-bag almost finished […]