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vegetarian eats downtown |

There are oodles of places to eat downtown and honestly, the hardest thing is narrowing it down to favorites. I’ve pulled together a list of places that get thrown into the mix with some of my fave menu items from each. Happy eating!

vegetarian eats downtown |

621 E. 7th
Love, love, love the Japchei – sweet potato noodles, fresh veggies and worth adding the tofu. The hummus role takes a close second.

507 San Jacinto
I suppose it says a lot about me that I consider Backspace, a tiny little pizza joint off 6th, one of my fancy go-tos. It is T-I-N-Y and reservations are a must. The marinated olives and spicy cauliflower are my faves and there isn’t a bad pizza on the menu.

La Condesa
400 W. 2nd Street
Salsas, guacamole and the street corn are what keep me coming back. If you’re looking for a more substantive meal, go for the hongos & huitlacoche huaraches.

Swift’s Attic
315 Congress
I have not been in a few months, but it never disappoints. The blistered shishitos are a must. The staff there is always great, so be sure to ask them for veggie/vegan suggestions.

24 Diner
600 N. Lamar
Love going for breakfast. My husband and I usually split the fried egg sandwich (minus the bacon) and have a veggie (beet) sausage on the side. Messy and yummy.

Other Vegetarian Eats Downtown:
Austin Farmer’s Market on Saturdays
Whole Foods

Be sure to check out my East Austin edition of vegetarian eats.

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  3. I just wrote up a recipe based on Koriente’s Hand Rolls – I LOVEEEE that place the rice medallions have got to be one of the yummiest things ever 🙂

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  5. lazysmurf says

    La Condessa has an amazing rotating vegan board too. It’s become probably one of my most favorite dishes in town.

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  8. Good to know about Swift’s Attic — I have been wanting to try it and I’m glad to know they are veg-friendly!

    • they’ve been super accommodating the past couple of times and have even brought out some off-menu stuff when i mentioned i was veg.

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