lunch-packing drawer

A drawer for all my lunch-packing essentials is a real sanity saver once the school year kicks in. If you don’t have an entire drawer to spare, try finding a spot for a small basket or container that will corral everything and make yourself a little lunch-packing zone. I am a strong believer in having your […]


Pickles, yo. 

Confession: I have been buying fermented pickles for well over a year (maybe two) and swapping for them whenever possible. Once the household got a hold of fermented pickles, there was no turning back. Vinegar-brined pickles have not cut it since. I hadn’t gotten up the nerve to make my own yet. The process is […]


Go Vote!

There is way too much on the ballot this year to stay home! Austinites, go claim your stake in our local, state, and federal representation. It’ll be too late tomorrow and way too late in a year when all the effects of this representation start to take shape. Note sure what you’re voting for? There are […]