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tomatolandia – weekend one

At 4:15 on Friday afternoon, I was certain that all my tomato plans for the weekend had been squashed. “No San Marzanos,” the email said. Oosh. I count on San Marzanos every year for the majority of my homemade pantry and I was more than a little bummed out by the news. Decided to head out anyways and came home with 10 lbs of large homegrown and 10 lbs of a yellow tomato mix (sungolds + lots of sweet orange cherry tomatoes).

Not what I had planned, but not a bad start to the tomato season. I was originally overwhelmed by all the cherry tomatoes, but a few roasting pans later all was well. Ended the weekend with:

  • tomato sauce – 6 ½ pints (in a variety of pint and ½ pint jars)
  • roasted cherry tomatoes* – 3 ½ pints (in ½ pint portions)
  • roasted sungolds* – 1 pint ( in ½ pint portions)
  • roasted cherry tomato salsa – 1 pint for the fridge
  • roasted tomato vinaigrette – ½ pint for salads this week

Still have about 3 lbs of green tomatoes left that are going into a shelf stable salsa. The rest of the cherry tomatoes are going in salads this week and disappear if I leave the out on the counter for snacking on.

San Marzanos are what I use to make my crushed tomatoes and ketchup and enchilada sauce for the rest of the year. Crossing fingers that those make there way here soon. Can’t imagine having to BUY canned tomatoes at the grocery store…

* freezer

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