vegetarian meal plan - february 24 |

vegetarian meal plan – february 24

We made a lightning fast trip to The Motherland (aka Dallas) over the weekend to help with my baby sister’s baby shower. There were loads of people, games and some interesting leftovers to contend with on Sunday morning when it was all said and done. And now… it is Monday. Phew!

Since the beginning of the week seems to have creeped up on me, my meal plan is going to involve lots and lots (and lots) of winging it. So much for finding that groove that I so craved. 😉

vegetarian meal plan - february 24  |

Thinking that it is going to go something like this:

– Tacos (they will be fantastic, I promise)
Simple San Marzano Pasta E Fagioli (vegified) or a veggie stew
Cauliflower Steaks with Red Pepper Sauce & Lentils
– Stir Fry

We missed our CSA pickup this weekend because of our trip, so I am off to the grocery store to get ingredients.

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