inheritance from my mother’s kitchen

My mother is moving back to Merida, Yucatan after 37 years in Texas to spend more time with my healthy and vibrant 96 year old grandfather. With the move less than a week away, I headed to Dallas to help my sister and mother with the last bit of clearing that needed to be done. There were lots of teary moments around pictures and keychains and random dishes, but generally, it was great to go through the house together. We got all the important things packed away and everyone walked with little treasures from what was left.

My payout was almost exclusively in kitchen booty – a full set of vintage Tupperware, mounds of saffron, serving dishes and some glasses. The glasses, from my parent’s first kitchen back in 1974, were screaming for a rightful purpose and so a craving for horchata was born.

Check out my guest post over at Hip Girls Guide to Homemaking to learn how to make your own horchata from scratch.


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