quick dinner idea – taco salads

If you follow my meal plans you’ll notice that Taco Salads make it to the list pretty darned near always. They’re perfect for busy summer days when you can’t fathom eating something heavy or hot and it comes together as quickly as a batch of spaghetti if you have beans and rice in your leftover stash.

Taco Salads
Black Beans
Brown Rice
Tomato, Onion, Corn, Cucumber
Cheese (Monterey Jack or Queso Fresco or both)

We didn’t have any avocado on hand last night but it normally makes it to the top of the salad with a sprinkle of lime & pepper.¬†Bonus points if you have pickled red onions on hand and don’t forget to top with your favorite salsa and a handful of chips for crunch.

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