meal plan – june 20, 2012

This summer is going to be interesting – both of us (the parents in the equation) are working from home and the 8yo is in the house full-time with the exception of a handful of half-day camps here and there. We seem to be managing to get everything done but our days are NON-STOP busy. Maintaining this pace for another 10-12 weeks won’t make for a very restful or sane summer, so I am going to spend some time this week getting re-oriented and scaling down where I can.

As for food, we’re doing it! We are eating at home almost exclusively. Our tummies and wallets are grateful.

Macaroni & Cheese | Roasted Beets | Lentil, Cuke & Tomato Salad
Split Pea Soup | FLT Sandwiches (our newest fave)
Hummus & Cuke Wraps | Falafels
Enchiladas | Rice | Beans

Snacks & Other Stuff
Zucchini Bread
Watermelon-Strawberry Smoothies
Mango-Coconut Water Popsicles

If the meal plan seems on the light side it’s because there is a gigantic stash of leftovers that we have to work through:

Stir-Fried Rice & Broccoli
Tomato-Olive Pizza
Vegetarian Posole
Roasted Cabbage
Green Beans & Quinoa
Lima Beans

Also, on the prowl for some solid veggie sandwiches that I can add to the mix for at home lunches. Do you have a favorite that isn’t super cheesy?

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