meal plan – june 25, 2012

Those of you that follow my tweets are well aware that this past weekend was devoted to putting up 40 pounds of tomatoes (aka #tomatolandia). I’ll have a wrap-up post on that later in the week but for now, need to snap back into the reality that is Monday morning. The leftover stash is a bit low, but the weekend of tomato-stashing was exactly what I needed to give me some focus. 

Tomato Biryani
Lentil & Roasted Pepper Salad
Macaroni & Cheese

Breakfast for Dinner
F(acon)LT | Summer Minestrone (recipe coming soon)
Zucchini Enchiladas in Tomatillo Sauce | Refried Black Beans
Veggie Burgers | Roasted Garlic & Tomato Pasta Salad
Hummus & Cucumber Wraps | Falafels (didn’t get to this last week)

Other Stuff
Bran Muffins
Tomato Jam or Ketchup
Pickled Okra
Banana-Almond Milk Smoothies

I’ll have a follow-up post on #tomatolandia in the coming days. Have a great week!

Be kind. Be patient. Eat well.

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