five years later |

five years

An anniversary passed me by rather quietly last week – 5 years of blogging. Those five years have been filled with meal planning, pictures of beautiful produce from our local markets, occasional recipes, and lots of work sessions from the kitchen table with something simmering in the background. Blogging has completely transformed how, when, why, where and what we eat and has done what I had most hoped – it has extended our family’s goal of living with intention to the food we eat.

As for everyone out there that reads… thank you! I am always surprised when someone (in real life) asks questions about my latest meal plan or when I get called out for not having posted in a while. It means someone out there in this big wide interwebs is paying attention and that is always nice.

On the stove: scrap stock and black beans
In my ears: Maria Rita
Currently eating: black rice noodles in miso

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